TREE-App (Tree Research, Education, and Exploration Application) is an internet and Smartphone application that presents visual representation of the urban forest on the University of Louisville’s Belknap campus. You can interact with this information from the browser on your computer or your smartphone—or if you have an Android powered smartphone, you can download the app for free. If you are on the UofL campus you can turn your GPS on and have it provide information about trees in your immediate location. Feel free to use this app as a tool to learn more about UofL's campus and how we care about the urban forest.


- Interactive map of campus trees

- View in map or satellite mode

- Zoom to current location

Data provided by TREE-App

  • Location
  • Age
  • Height
  • Species
  • DBH
  • Live Weight
  • Dry Weight
  • Native or Nonnative
  • Crown Width
  • Fruit Type
  • Growth Factor
  • Number of this species on campus
  • Amount of carbon dioxide sequestered annually
  • Amount of carbon dioxide that has been sequestered over the life of the tree
  • Monetary Value
  • Access individual trees via QR codes (coming soon)