Welcome to the Urban Wildlife Research Lab (UWRL)

The primary goal of the Urban Wildlife Research Lab (UWRL) is to answer theoretical and applied questions regarding wildlife and their interactions with humans in urban ecosystems. Approaches to answer these questions include field observations and experimentation, laboratory observations and experimentation, and theoretical modeling of quantitative and qualitative data. To do this, we not only examine what the animal does, but also the physical characteristics, social structure, political influences, and natural processes of urban ecosystems.

  • The UWRL trains graduate and undergraduate students on the theory, methodology, and techniques used in the study of urban ecology, while simultaneously preparing students for their chosen professional career.
  • The UWRL actively seeks, participate, and create outreach and educational activities in underrepresented communities within the greater Louisville community and other communities abroad.

Often times it is questions or insights provided by the public that have lead to the development of significant research and findings by scientist. We recognize this and welcome the participation and feedback from the public. Often times, it can be difficult for many to understand what we are actually doing when we are collecting data. But rest assured, the safest and most humane methods possible are used to capture the animals we work with. More importantly, we release most animals, unharmed, at the point of capture.

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